Owen Dawkins

Head Coach

Years of Coaching 20 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals
  • UAlberta Alumni with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Secondary Education Degree
  • Head Wrestling Coach for the University Of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas Team (2009-Present)
Coaching Philosophy First I want to say that my coaching philosophy is one that is always evolving, however, I think creating an environment that is relaxed and conducive to learning is important. In addition the athlete needs to be aware of the standards and behaviors that all of the coaches and athletes are prepared to accept to help create the optimal learning environment.

The athlete needs to be given the opportunity to develop his/her skill level in a structured learning environment that constantly challenges the athlete whilst providing both encouragement and support. Each athlete needs to develop their core skills constantly to provide them with a solid base as they progress in their sport. The athlete will benefit when exposed to challenging drills that require effective decision making and precise execution under pressure. The repetitiveness of these varied drills during practice helps develop competency and confidence in the athlete.

When dealing with highly motivated and committed athletes the level of individual communication is of most importance, giving your athletes the opportunity to provide input to help deliver the program that is specific to their Needs. I believe if you can set some short term goals in consultation with the athlete, this will provide them with direction and motivation that will help to keep them on task.

Finally, the coach needs to demonstrate effective leadership by maintaining the desired standards of behavior within the group that will instill confidence in all athletes knowing that their welfare and development is most critical.

Notable Wrestling Accomplishments Wrestling Accomplishments

  • 16 x Canadian Championship Medallist
  • 3 x Canada West University Champion
  • CIS University Champion
  • CIS University Bronze Medallist
  • Pan American Silver Medallist
  • World University Championships 4th

Coaching Accomplishments

  • 3 x CIS/U-Sports Coach of the Year
  • 12 x Canada West Coach of the Year
  • 1 x OuA Coach of the Year
  • University of Alberta Coach of the Year

Antigone Oreopoulos

Lead Coach (4-5 year olds)

Years of Coaching 5 years in trampoline, gymnastics, diving and swimming
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Data scientist at a public health informatics company
Coaching Philosophy I’d have to say that coaching sport to children is what provides the most inspiration and meaning to my life. I try to help build the self-esteem of the kids I coach. I do that the same way any informed parent would do – by accepting the child for who he or she is. That is the baseline, and from there I build on their unique strengths and work to support the areas that are not as strong.

Participation in sport as a child provides an opportunity to help create a positive, confident self-image (and it is these kids with a strong, positive self-image who go on to achieve great things both in and outside the gym). I believe that a person will seldom, if ever, outperform his or her self-image. Therefore, helping to shape a child’s view of themselves is an enormous privilege and responsibility of a coach.

I also try to teach my athletes that failures are a normal part of the road to success and not something to be feared or avoided, that winning is not the reason to participate, to have fun with the experience and to build supportive friendships with their teammates.

Notable Wrestling Accomplishments Canada West Champion 1999
Silver at Alberta Open 1999

Haley Heffel

Lead Coach (6-8 year olds)

Years of Coaching 4 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Bachelor of Kinesiology
Coaching Philosophy Fundamentals are key to success! Without a foundation, you can’t build the temple.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments
  • Provincial Team Member 2011/2013
  • World Team Member 2013/2018
  • National Team Member 2014
  • Junior PanAm Bronze Medallist
  • FISU Silver Medallist
  • 1x National Champion, 4x Medallist
  • AAWA Outstanding Wrestler
  • Pandas Wrestling MVP 2016/2017
  • CanWest Champion 2017, Silver 2018
  • USport Silver 2017, Bronze 2018
  • 2019 WCSG Coaching Staff

Amar Dhother

Lead Coach (9-12 year olds)

Years of Coaching 5 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Owns and operates a spray foam insulation business
Coaching Philosophy I began my wrestling career back in 2007 after my dad pushed me into training at the Rebels Wrestling Club in Calgary, Alberta. As a coach, my goal is to push my athletes to be the best version of themselves while still keeping the love for the sport real and fun.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments
  • WCSG 2011 Team Alberta
  • Provincial Champion 2012
  • Canada Summer Games 2013 Team Alberta
  • Stu Hart 2014 Team Canada
  • Greco Nationals Silver Medallist
  • Greco Nationals Bronze Medallist
  • Freestyle National fifth

Melvin Arciaga

Lead Coach (9-12 year olds)

Years of Coaching 5 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Currently in my last year of Bachelor of Kinesiology majoring in Sport Performance
Coaching Philosophy My philosophy involves having athletes enjoy the sport by creating a positive work environment so they can reach their full potential and be willing to do what it takes to succeed. I believe that developing athletes work ethic in sport can transfer on to other areas of life. I value respecting my athletes so they can learn to respect myself, their peers/teammates and most importantly themselves.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments 3 x Canada West Champion
3 x CIS National Medallist
Golden Bears Wrestling MVP 2016/17
2 x Most Outstanding Junior Male Wrestler
Canada West’s Rookie of the Year 2014

Michael Asselstine

Lead Coach (13-18 year olds)

Years of Coaching 9 years with the Edmonton Wrestling Club
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals
  • Graduated U of A Bachelor of Education
  • Working on getting a continuous teaching contract with Edmonton Public Schools
Coaching Philosophy I believe if you put in the work, good things will happen. I can’t make you work hard, but I will certainly try my best to get the most out of you when you do.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments
  • 4 x Senior World Team Member
  • 2 x Senior National Champion
  • 18 x National Medallist
  • 3 x CIS Champion
  • 3 x CIS Outstanding Wrestler
  • 2 x U of A Male Athlete of the Year
  • 4 x Beaumont Cup recipient

Shawn Daye-Finley

Lead Coach (13-18 year olds)

Years of Coaching 9 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Coaching Philosophy Technical
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments
  • 17 x National Medallist
  • 2 x CIS Champion 3 x Medallist
  • Pan-Am Championship Bronze Medallist 2018
  • Multi-time Pan-Am and World Championship Team Member
  • Multi-time Pan-Am and University World Games Team Member
  • Greco Roman Veteran