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Owen Dawkins

Head Coach

Years of Coaching 20 + years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals
  • UAlberta Alumni with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Secondary Education Degree
  • Head Wrestling Coach for the University Of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas Team (2009-Present)
Coaching Philosophy First I want to say that my coaching philosophy is one that is always evolving, however, I think creating an environment that is relaxed and conducive to learning is important. In addition the athlete needs to be aware of the standards and behaviors that all of the coaches and athletes are prepared to accept to help create the optimal learning environment.

The athlete needs to be given the opportunity to develop his/her skill level in a structured learning environment that constantly challenges the athlete whilst providing both encouragement and support. Each athlete needs to develop their core skills constantly to provide them with a solid base as they progress in their sport. The athlete will benefit when exposed to challenging drills that require effective decision making and precise execution under pressure. The repetitiveness of these varied drills during practice helps develop competency and confidence in the athlete.

When dealing with highly motivated and committed athletes the level of individual communication is of most importance, giving your athletes the opportunity to provide input to help deliver the program that is specific to their Needs. I believe if you can set some short term goals in consultation with the athlete, this will provide them with direction and motivation that will help to keep them on task.

Finally, the coach needs to demonstrate effective leadership by maintaining the desired standards of behavior within the group that will instill confidence in all athletes knowing that their welfare and development is most critical.

Notable Wrestling Accomplishments Wrestling Accomplishments

  • 16 x Canadian Championship Medallist
  • 3 x Canada West University Champion
  • CIS University Champion
  • CIS University Bronze Medallist
  • Pan American Silver Medallist
  • World University Championships 4th

Coaching Accomplishments

  • 3 x CIS/U-Sports Coach of the Year
  • 12 x Canada West Coach of the Year
  • 1 x OuA Coach of the Year
  • University of Alberta Coach of the Year

Melvin Arciaga

Lead Coach (4-6 year olds)

Years of Coaching 8 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals
Graduated from the UofA with a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a major in Sports Performance
Owner/Trainer of Kinective Personal Training
Coaching Philosophy
Throughout my years of coaching whether it be on the wrestling mat or weight room, I have come to realize that the culture a coach creates is a big factor that allows an athlete to be successful. It is my duty to ensure that the culture I create for the team allows every athlete to thrive and become the best version of themselves.
I can never define what my team culture is because it’s not a definable word, it’s a feeling. The feeling of a great team culture to me is: feeling comfortable to try new things without fear of failure, feeling like the athlete belongs amongst their teammates, feeling free to express themselves without judgement, and feeling respected so they can give respect back.
Wrestling is an unbelievably difficult sport and hard work ethic is a necessity. However, when athletes feel they are a part of a great team culture, the hard work does not feel so hard anymore.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments 3 x Canada West Champion

2 x Academic All Canadian
3 x CIS National Medallist
Golden Bears Wrestling MVP 2016/17
2 x Most Outstanding Alberta Junior Male Wrestler
Canada West’s Rookie of the Year 2014

Natalie Nelson

Lead Coach (4-6 year olds)

Years of Coaching 5 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Graduated in June 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Religious Studies & a Minor in Anthropology) … currently in my first year of my after-degree for Elementary School Education (Career Goal: To be a Teacher!)
Coaching Philosophy I believe that it is essential to start off the year with an enthusiastic and energetic attitude, to show the kids that you really want to be there. I really strive to create an environment that the kids are eager and excited to return to weekly, knowing that they can trust and confide in me as their coach. The wrestling room should be a place where the children respect each other, their coaches, and the sport itself. It is never my job to demand respect from the athletes, but it’s something that we co-develop together. I am always so proud of the children I coach, and I want them to know that. Coaching is a fantastic way to learn; the wrestlers learn from the coach, but I value how much I learn from them too!

Elias Wile

Lead Coach (7-11 year olds)

Years of Coaching 5 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Currently enrolled in Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education combined degree
Coaching Philosophy My coaching philosophy is that in order to excel at the sport of wrestling it must be enjoyed at a young age. My goal while coaching is to teach children the basics of wrestling, which will help them to excel at all levels of the sport. Once basics are understood I allow creativity and guide children to develop new skills independently. Through doing this children are able to be creative in their style of wrestling, while also enjoying the sport which is essential for development.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Champion
  • 2x Matmen Invitational Champion
  • Multiple University Medalist

Marcus Peterson

Lead Coach (7-11 year olds)

Years of Coaching Coming soon!
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals
Coaching Philosophy
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments

Michael Asselstine

Lead Coach (12-18 year olds)

Years of Coaching 12 years with the Edmonton Wrestling Club
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals
  • Graduated U of A Bachelor of Education
  • Teacher with Edmonton Public Schools
Coaching Philosophy My coaching philosophy is centred around two beliefs, first the need to understand the basics. The simplest concepts can carry you a long way in this sport. Second is to learn through experience as wrestling is a sport based on feel and reaction. Wrestlers will be pushed to become better people and athletes as a whole.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments
  • 5 x Senior World Team Member
  • 2 x Senior National Champion
  • 18 x National Medallist
  • 3 x CIS Champion
  • 3 x CIS Outstanding Wrestler
  • 2 x U of A Male Athlete of the Year
  • 4 x Beaumont Cup recipient

Isaiah Springer

Lead Coach (12-18 year olds)

Years of Coaching 3 years
Currently Studying, Graduate in and/or and Career Goals Bachelors of Secondary Education
Coaching Philosophy Encourage young athletes to reach their full potential and show them the transferability of skills learned in sport to the real world.
Notable Wrestling Accomplishments U Sport Bronze Medalist
U19 National Bronze Medalist
CanWest Silver Medalist