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Beginning of Season Information/Club FAQs

Welcome to EWC – we are excited for another season to be starting up. In the hopes of answering some of the common questions and streamlining our communication, we have created this information page. Please take the time to read it through!


Practice information:

    • Athletes should come in comfortable gym clothes (shorts, tshirts, tanks, athletic socks) and wrestling shoes or runners with non-marking soles. Footwear should be only worn inside – no outdoor footwear allowed please!
    • If your athlete requires an inhaler, please let Susan and the coaches know, and send the inhaler with your athlete.
    • Please make sure your athlete brings a refillable water bottle to every practice – they will be thirsty!

Parents are not allowed in the wrestling room during practices unless invited by coaches. We need your athlete’s undivided attention. If you are waiting for your child’s practice to end, you are welcome to wait upstairs in the small food court area (or a nearby establishment of your choice).



    • We do not offer refunds for season fees.



    • There are several paid options for parking around the Van Vliet Centre/Butterdome area: the Van Vliet east loop, the stadium lot, education car park, or street parking near the stadium lot. 
    • These locations require hourly pay. (Warning: Standard parking tickets are $100 each!) There are options for afternoon/evening passes as well that make it much more affordable (especially if your child is not old enough to drop off). 
    • For more information on parking services or to purchase a pass: 


Parent involvement: 

    • Our club cannot run without the support of parents and guardians! We want your help and your involvement with the club. We hold fundraisers that are crucial to the success of our club, and tournaments for our 5-18 YO and our Junior and Senior EWC athletes, and we’d love your help! Remember, the more you are around, the more you will get to know the other parents and athletes. Let’s make our wrestling community awesome!


How we share club Information: 

    • All important information is sent out via email from Susan (VP Communications) from If you are not receiving emails from this email address please let us know ASAP. 
    • Please read your emails! We do our best to avoid sending emails too frequently but this means it is very important that you take the time to read any that do come. 
    • We will also post information on our Facebook group – but this is the same information that will be emailed out and the complete details will be in your email. 
    • Teamsnap – all athletes will be added to Teamsnap – please ensure to accept the invitation when it comes to your email.
    • If you would like additional email addresses added to our contact list, please let Susan know ASAP.



    • The practice schedule will be on Teamsnap. 
    • This is where you should indicate your athlete’s availability for each practice.
    • You can post in the Team chat if there are updates or you have a question for coaches. 
    • We will also be including tournament dates in Teamsnap as we receive it.
    • We also may include information sent out in emails – but again, all the complete details will always be sent via email. 
    • Teamsnap does not replace checking your email!


Communications :

    • Questions for the Board – you can reach out to the age group representatives first at practices (Directors at Large) or send an email to the general email. 
    • Questions for the coaches – communication through Teamsnap. You can post a message in the general chat, or start a chat with just the coaches. You are also able to send an email to the coaches through Teamsnap.


Tournament Payments: All payments are sent via e-transfer to

    • Payment amounts, deadlines and password information for tournaments will always be included in the emails as well as on the Google Form used for tournament registrations.
    • Ensuring the message details are entered are crucial to help the treasurer track payments.
    • If you ever have trouble with the password indicated, you can email our treasurer at
    • Registration and participation at a tournament are not guaranteed until payment is received. 


Tournament Process: What to expect from registration through competition.

    • The tournament schedule for the season is posted on our webpage. This will be updated as we receive new information. Please note we do our best to ensure we have current information but things do change and are out of our control. 
    • Information for each tournament will be sent out via email with all the details included. A brief post will also be posted on Facebook and in Teamsnap to remind you to check your email. 
    • Not all tournaments are for all age groups – only those age groups able to register will receive the emails.
    • All registrations will be completed through a Google Form. 
    • The Google Form will include all the details we have including location, dates and times, age categories, fees, payment details, etc. 
    • Weights entered are to give an idea of what category the athlete will wrestle in. A more accurate weight closer to the tournament will be measured by the coaches  closer to tournament date as necessary (particularly applicable to the 12-18 year old group). 
    • Payment must be sent asap. Registration is not confirmed until payment is received. 
    • Watch for updates on Teamsnap from the coaches and/or board members for arrival time, where to meet, etc. Warmups usually start 1 hour before competition time. 
    • Plan to be there for the entire time your athlete’s age group is scheduled for. Tournaments often run over due to delays, changes to registered participants, official availability, etc. The organizers do their best to keep them running smoothly – please be patient. 
    • Bring lots of water and snacks – some venues will have food available for purchase, some do not.


      *Please note: athletes are required to come to a minimum of two practices per week during the season if they would like to register for tournaments.


Out of Province/Invitation Only Tournaments: 
Invitation to participate will come from the coaches and all arrangements for travel will be coordinated through the coaches. 

    • Details will still be emailed out though the information may come from the EWC general email, or directly from the coaches. 
    • Please be sure to pay attention to booking details for flights, hotels, fee payment, etc. as this may vary from tournament to tournament. Do not go ahead and book, register or pay for anything until communication has come out from the coaches.


Parent and Athlete Conduct at Tournaments:

    • Tournaments are a lot of fun, but can also be overwhelming. If you are ever unsure of what to do or where to be, ask one of your coaches. They will assist you. 
    • Match information may be posted on paper at the tournament or the Trackwrestling website may be used. Again – your coaches can help navigate that. 
    • If you have any concerns during a tournament about other athletes, coaches or officials, please speak directly to your coach – they will address any concerns and speak to others if necessary.
    • Your number one job is to cheer on your athlete and the rest of EWC!



    • We have collected a $50 fundraising fee this year to support club operations. This fee is 100% refundable once the athlete’s family completes one volunteer task. This could include volunteering at the upcoming casino, a tournament or event, or on the board, 
    • We will also be running additional fundraising initiatives throughout the year with 100% of the proceeds going towards your athlete’s tournament fees. These will be completely optional but provide the opportunity to reduce any additional costs throughout the season
    • Any fundraising questions may be directed to


Hygiene 101 – what to do before and after practice and competitions:

    • Before practice and competitions: please ensure long hair is tied back and nails are cut short. Failure to cut nails can result in practice/tournament delays.
    • After practice and competitions: athletes should shower and change as soon as possible after activity ends. This will help to ensure skin infections are kept at bay and out of the wrestling room.


Skin Afflictions: What is common and what is the protocol to prevent the spread (pictures included)

What to do when your athlete is sick:

    • Our wrestling room is small but mighty, but a virus can knock out the whole team! Please help your athletes practice proper hygiene and handwashing, and keep them home at the first sign of illness.